We are a small company located in El Dorado, Kansas in the United States.  Tex*In Treasures has been in the business of selling TI-99/4A hardware and software since 1985. My first personal TI-99/4A was purchased in 1983 when Texas Instruments offered a rebate and a BRAND NEW TI Home Computer could be purchased for $49.95. Everyone in my family jumped on the band wagon and we bought a TI for every address. As a hunter searching for the rare gem, I became engrossed in purchasing as many different TI cartridges as I could. Being a college student, I was unable to purchase modules at full retail price so I had to find stores selling TI-99/4A items at reduced prices. When TI announced it was discontinuing the TI-99, many stores began cutting prices while others held at retail. In 1984, my first credit card was “maxed out” purchasing a loaded Expansion System. I applied for a credit card through my local bank and waited patiently for 4 weeks for its arrival. New Peripheral Expansion Boxes were difficult to find in my area but I had located one 90 miles away in Wichita, Kansas at Ardens. The Ardens store policy stated they could only hold items for one week. My credit card arrived on the last day of the hold with a $400.00 limit so we drove to Wichita after classes to pickup the PE Box and cards for $399.99 and .01 for TI-Writer. Another highlight before Tex*In Treasures became a reality was when our local K-Mart lowered most of their TI command modules to $5.00 each. I had never used layaway before, and probably have not since, but that day I put one of every title I needed on layaway and anxiously awaited the final payment. I still remember the late afternoon I brought all those cartridges home. I carefully opened each box, read the manuals and enjoyed the awesome graphics and sounds of each program. Tex*In Treasures was birthed in 1985 when I traded my first car, a 1965 Chevy Impala 4-door, for the TI-99/4A business and inventory of Steve Anderson in Newton, Kansas. The business was conducted out of our basement at 1122 English Court in Belle Plaine, Kansas and Tex*In Treasures did very well for the next few years as a mail order company by selling through ads placed in Micropendium, Computer Shopper, and others. Most of our inventory was purchased through Jerry Price at Tex-Comp in Van Nuys, CA, Jim Lesher in Dallas, TX, and Triton Products. In 1987, we purchased all of the PLATO titles held by Tex-Comp and all the AtariSoft titles from our local Federated Group store. We also purchased a boatload of Mini-Memory cartridges from a source in Texas that we later sold to Triton. In the Wichita area of Kansas, the demand for TI-99 items began to fade in 1988-89 so we tried to sell our inventory but could not find an interested buyer. We boxed all of the remaining inventory and moved it to the attic – no small feat. Over the course of years, my wife would hound me about getting rid of all “those boxes” but I never could bring myself to dump them. Not thinking they would be worth something, just that the TI-99 held fond memories for me and I did not want get rid of the stuff. In 1999 I became acquainted with eBay and sold some of my remaining inventory finding out quickly that there was a market for unopened original TI-99/4A software. Every once in a while, we would sell a few TI items through eBay but in 2004 I got a bug and set up a TI system for our personal use. I fell in love with the TI-99/4A all over again, especially the PLATO software. Soon I became frustrated as I tried to find sources for cartridges and supplies through the internet. More than once I was outbid at the last minute on eBay auctions. Realizing there was a need for a ONE STOP SHOP FOR THE TI-99/4A, I began working toward the goal of this WEBsite. We were able to purchase a large amount of inventory from John Creviston, Jr in Irving, TX and all of the remaining inventory and copy rights from JOY ELECTRONICS in Dallas, TX. More recently we have purchased stock from Jim Lesher out of Dallas, TX and some remaining TEX-COMP inventory from California. All of this we have done in the interest of expanding our inventory base and giving our customers a wider selection of TI-99/4A items. Thank you for learning a little bit about us, we hope you enjoy shopping our e-store.